How much do programmers in USA earn

How much do programmers in USA earn?

The average salary of programmers and developers in the US in 2023 is significantly higher than the average salary in America. I’m sure many of you have heard how much programmers make in America, but it’s not so simple – there are taxes, bonuses and other things that affect the final income of programmers in the USA. In this article, I have collected detailed information about the salaries of programmers and developers, recalculated them for convenience both per hour and per month, and per year, as is customary in America.

In addition, I also shared information on where a programmer can earn the most in America, and dispelled a few myths. On the page you will also find some real vacancies for programmers with salary indications, and instructions on how to calculate net income, that is, after paying all taxes.

Types of programmers and their salaries in America

Before we go directly to salaries, it is very important to agree on the terms – who in America is called a programmer. Since there are at least three different specialties:

  • Computer Programmer – a programmer in the classical sense of the word
  • Software Developer – software developer
  • Software Engineer – a programmer who has an engineering education, applies engineering disciplines in developing programs and writing code

In fact, even in America itself, these three terms are often confused and replaced with each other, including by employers themselves. You can read more about the differences in these specialties in this excellent article on Habré.

How much do programmers in America earn

Let’s start with salaries as a programmer in the classical sense of the word – that is, in English Computer Programmer.

Salaries in the United States are usually quoted either in annual or hourly terms. That is, people look at how much programmers get in America for 1 year or 1 hour. Next, I will give the numbers in this format, from the hourly rate you can calculate the monthly salary of a programmer in the USA relative to employment.

  • 1 hour – 30$
  • 1 month – 3850$
  • 1 year – $55,000

The programmer receives a different amount in his hands, since there are taxes, bonuses, and in some cases other payments.

As of 2023, the starting salary for a programmer in the US is $62,464 per year. This is the starting salary for a programmer, which also includes an annual bonus. Not all companies have salaries, but based on a survey of 189 programmers, on average, employees are paid an annual bonus of $1,500 or more.

With experience and level, the salary of programmers in America is growing significantly. In this case, it is better to look not at the average salary, but at the median salary of a programmer – for 2023 it is $65,282 per year.

Salaries of Junior, Middle and Senior developers
To better understand how much programmers in the US earn, it’s better to look at how Junior salaries differ from Senior salaries.

According to a Payscale study based on salary data of 1,317 employees in the IT field, the salary of programmers of different levels and length of service differs as follows:

  • Entry level – $62,000
  • Junior – $63 000
  • Middle – $71 000
  • Senior – $80,000
  • Experience 20+ years – $89,000

Research shows that if you have 5-9 years of work experience, then you can earn an average of about 70 thousand dollars a year.

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