Earnings on Instagram: How to make your page popular and earn money

Relatively recently, the Instagram photo posting service has gained great popularity. All those who quickly reacted and adjusted their business to the new social network, did not go wrong. Promotion in Instagram is reaching a new level. This social network gives an opportunity not only to promote an existing business, but also to start earning for newcomers, using remote work methods.

Earnings through advertising

If you already have an Instagram account with live subscribers, and their number is more than 100 thousand people, it gives you the opportunity to place ads in your posts. For this, it is important that your profile is popular and your followers are active. If your account is not popular enough, you will need some means to promote it. Of course, there are some free methods, but don’t expect instant results from them.

In fact, there may be far fewer subscribers, just the earnings will also be less.

Trading through the function of the online store

At the end of 2016, Instagram introduced a feature called shopping tags, through which retailers can tag products in their photos and users can buy them directly from the app. Initially, this feature for making money was only available to users in the United States, but every year the list of countries is expanding.

Your business

If you already have earnings in the form of your own business, but you are not yet using Instagram for advertising, then you need to pay attention to this social network. Instagram is no longer just a social network for posting personal photos, but a business tool. A promoted account can send an additional large flow of new customers. Promotion of business profiles can be trusted to professionals, or you can promote yourself using both paid and free methods. Especially Instagram is ideal for various beauty salons, advertising and selling bouquets, various gifts, etc.

How to make money in instagram

A way to make money from likes, subscriptions, photos, PR

You can promote not only your account, but also other people’s business profiles. Of course, for this it is desirable to know the methods of promotion, to be trained. But there are also special services that allow account owners to earn on likes, subscriptions, subscribers.
But you will not earn much on likes in Instagram! The main earnings for everyone is advertising brands, PR other users and, of course, advertising their products, services, trade.

How to promote a page / blog in Instagram + Video

It’s considered that to promote your page / blog and start earning today without investment is simply impossible. That will require huge budgets for advertising from bloggers, the official launch of the promotional project. That it’s necessary to promote in Instagram by a huge number of hashtags, that you shouldn’t hope for a result from the promotion within about 2 months… In fact, there’s a lot of misconceptions. What you can say for sure is that you will have to work hard and diligently on a constant basis, but this does not mean that you can’t do without investment in Instagram.

Why does advertising money often go wrong? In fact, a huge number of people are draining advertising budgets for nothing. That is, you could have spent no money at all, and the result would have been the same as without the crazy investment. Of course, it’s not that simple and there are a lot of examples of how someone successfully started earning by running ads in Instagram in the morning and getting the first orders by the evening of the same day. However, how many people don’t talk about their sad experience?

Do you want hype? Do you want a line of customers? Then think about your specialty. For example, saying you’re the best in the market, you have a dream team and so on is not something that appeals to potential customers at all.

Cooking vegan food, but don’t know how to monetize your account and make money from it? Come up with an interesting pitch, author columns, chef tips, and so on. You need to be different from everyone else on Instagram and the differences should definitely affect the content. This is the most important secret of lightning-fast promotion without budget.

Experiment with content, but also do not forget about automated promotion services to make money. They, of course, have much less effect than 1-2 years ago, but they still work. And that’s why you need to focus only on cool content.

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